Frequently asked questions

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Q: Can I have the flash book files to host on my website?
A: Yes

Q: Do you host the flash books?
A: Yes, it’s included in the cost.

Q: What is the best export setting for my flash book?
A: 150dpi and maximum quality jpegs

Q: Can I distribute the flash book on CD or USB?
A: Yes, we provide an offline version for mac and pc. Please ask and we’ll send it to you.

Q: Can I inorporate Google Analytics into my flash book?
A: Yes, please send us your Google Analytics UA number.

Q: I have a large file, how can I send it to you?
A: Through our dropbox here

Q: Is there a page limit on the flash books?
A: No, we’ll convert as many pages into one flash book for the same price.

Q: Does my flash book work on ipads?
A: Yes, it also works on iphones and Windows Android, it will automatically detect if you are using a mobile device and direct you to the right version.

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